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Vivid, tropical fruit driven premium Japanese shochu with superb clarity and expression.

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  • 50cl
  • Kimura Shuzo
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Established in 1615 by the family of a high-ranking samurai, Kimura Shuzo hold by the same principals they always have: traditional artisan methods, the purest mountain waters and the finest premium rice. They are in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan.

Kimura make multi-award-winning sake under their premium Fukukomachi brand, Awakening is the only distilled alcohol they produce.

The aroma is bright and tropical (watermelon & ripe cantaloupe) with hints of lemon peel, aniseed and herbal notes of dill, mint & cress. A soft, smooth & creamy mouthfeel with a crisp, dry finish.

Production Methodology

Awakening is a very special shochu. In 2013 Kimura’s sake Fukukomachi Daiginjo won the Trophy at IWC. Awakening is made with this sake’s kasu (sake lees), fermented for several months and then distilled into an elegant shochu using a pot still under low pressure.


Makes the most aromatic and expressive martini – dry with a sweet impression

Use in an aromatiser, the results are amazing

Using award-winning sake lees from a hyper-aromatic Daiginjo results in a deeply expressive, fruity shochu.