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Welcome to the Tengu Sake blog where you’ll find info, news & more all about sake

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Welcome! This blog is designed as a compendium site to the Tengu Sake shop on this website. The blog is written and maintained by me, Oliver Hilton-Johnson – Tengu Sake’s Director and Sake Specialist, and I hope it answers all your sake questions (or at least grabs your interest)!

Please check out my pages via the horizontal navigation bar above for reference material and general information on sake. The blogs on this feed are categorised for your convenience (on r-h-s) and contain anything and everything from my random musings to detailed posts on sake brewing techniques, industry stats, awesome facts, food pairings and much more.

If you like what you see please do pop on over to our shop where you can buy sake online and have it delivered anywhere in the UK. If you like Japanese sake or are at all curious about it I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for you!

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Happy sake drinking!