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Revered sakes: Endo At The Rotunda” – Douglas Blyde talks about our Endo x Noguchi Naohiko collab event.


Shout out in Grace Hunt’s profile in the Drinks Business, with our Director cited as having “an encyclopaedic knowledge of the category”.

Recommended in Best Japanese‘s “Japanese Sake: A Comprehensive Guide


Episode 38 of Sugidama Podcast “Brewery Focus. Noguchi Sake Institute with Tengu Sake

JULY 2022

Laura Foster loved our two Yuzu-shu in here review in CLASS Magazine

Best Sake Merchant


Recommended to the UK Bartenders Guild as one of the places in UK to buy shochu and awamori.


Our Director, Oliver with industry professional Barry McCaughley, takes a look at sake history for 67 Pall Mall TV.

JUNE 2021

During the COVID pandemic, our Director Oliver, along with industry expert Barry McCaughley, presents an ‘Introduction to Sake” for 67 Pall Mall TV.

MAY 2021

In Gnarly Vine’s feature on sake our products are recommended.

APRIL 2021

Our sake is featured (with some beautiful shots) in an article in We Love Clay about Japanese sake cups by Shirley Booth.


Invited to talk at event “Why Sell Sake in the UK? Discover Trade Secrets from Market Experts” at Japan House in association with the Japan Tax Agency.


Our two Yuzushus – Gozenshu Yuzushu and Kodakara Yuzushu – are featured in the FT’s ‘How To Spend It’ article by Alice Lascelles


Our Director, Oliver Hilton-Johnson, is interviewed for Sugidama Podcast.

JUNE 2020

Snow Blossom selected as one of “10 best sakes of all styles to inspire your inner koji connoisseur” in the Independent Online

APRIL 2020

Listed in ‘The Covid-19 Essential List of Online Sake Shops‘ on Natsuki Kukiya’s Museum Of Sake website.

MARCH 2020

Listed in Yamato Magazine’s as ‘6 Of The Best Places To Buy Sake In The UK


Oliver is interviewed for Sake On Air.


Our Director, Oliver, is chosen by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and the International Wine and Spirits Awards as one of the industry’s ‘Future 50’.


Pairing sake with oysters and other seafood on Fiona Beckett’s Matching Food & Wine blog


Write up of my Oyster and Sake event at The Oystermen on the Sugidama Blog


Two of our sakes reviewed and featured in an article in Olive Magazine by Kate Hawkins

Mentioned in the FT’s How to Spend It


Our Director, Oliver, was interviewed by Sumita Sarma for her radio programme on wine and drink. Listen here.


Recommended by Alice Lascelles on C4’s Sunday Brunch

JUNE 2017

Two of our brewers mentioned in Harpers: “Generation Sake

MARCH 2017

Tengu Sake mentioned in The World of Fine Wine Issue 55


Review of our sake dinner at ROKA Mayfair in Lady Magazine.


Press about the new Anzu restaurant in London’s St James’s.


Mentioned in this month’s Harper’s magazine as well as our customers Sake no Hana, Hedonism WinesKurobuta and Sager + Wilde. As well the sake course our Director co-presents the International Kikisake-shi.
Front cover  Pg1  Pg2

Review of Misty Mountain from Tsuji Honten in Decanter Online

APRIL 2016

A shout out in an article with Scott Hallsworth. We supply his delicious Kurobuta restaurants.


Our Director is mentioned in Bar Magazine commenting on the first UK’s first Sake Cocktail Awards
Mentioned in Hashi Cooking’s blog – Sushi and sake making at The Ivy


Konishi Gold is mentioned in the Metro newspaper as one of 5 ‘sakes to try at home’ (NB – Jinzu is NOT sake, grrr!) Article here.
Article in the Museum of Sake Journal where our Director talks about his time brewing sake in Japan.

JUNE 2015
Review of our new sparkling sake – Pearl – on lovelyappetite.com (about two-thirds of the way down the page)

MAY 2015
Two article about aged sake in Harpers (we have two, find them here & filter by ‘aged’).  Article: aged sake part 1 and aged sake part two.

APRIL 2015
Someone likes our sake! “Not a Rice Wine

MARCH 2015
Sake for beginners” in Foodepedia

Awarded Company of the Year by Food and Drinks Matters. Page, detail 1, detail 2.

Profile on our Director and Tengu Sake in the Japanese press

Sake Secrets” – featured in Aga Living
Picked as one of Food & Drink Matter’s top 10 exhibitors at 2014’s Imbibe Live (huge booze trade show) – page & detail

For goodness’ Sake: While sushi and sashimi are now old friends on British menus, Japanese drinks have taken longer to catch on” – interesting article on increasing UK sake sales in The Independent
Culture: Sake in the UK” – Japan Spotlight article (English language Japanese press)

JUNE 2014
Tengu Sake’s Oliver Hilton-Johnson on driving sake sales in the UK” – Tengu Sake has been shortlisted for an ‘Innovator of the Year’ award, seemed like a good time to be interviewed by Harpers!
Match of the week” – Fiona Beckett’s Matching Food & Wine blog chooses Tengu Sake’s Misty Mountain and Kurobuta’s soft shell crab tempura maki as ‘match of the week’
How to choose sake (with pictures)” – Interview with me by Tony McNicol for We Do Japan website

APRIL 2014
Cracking Sake Selection” – a review of Kurobuta restaurant calls our sake ‘cracking’!

Tengu Sake: an e-cache of premium rice wine” – featured in the FT’s ‘How to spend it’ section! (and facsimile version on the theposhtottyclub.com)
Japanese nibbles to match your tipples” – we were chosen to feature in Wallpaper* magazine’s review of what’s on vogue at the mo

Brewed like a beer but drunk like a wine” – feature in the Christmas edition of Scarlett Lifestyle Magazine (pg 52, excuse the mis-spelling of my name!)

Special Types of Sake” – my monthly article for ‘at home’ magazine
Wondering About Rice Wine? Sake Simplified” – write up on Vinspire after Wine Gang event
Discovering the world of sake cocktails” – I was consulted, along with other industry experts, about my views on sake cocktails

Classifying Sake” – my monthly article for ‘at home’ magazine
Unsusal styes of sake” – recommended by Anna Greenhous in Harpers
Kanpai! Spirited Away by Sake” – feature on sake by Will Lyons for the Wall Street Journal. I take Will on a “sake odyssey”.

Discovering Sake” – my monthly article for ‘at home’ magazine
Different Styles of sake” – recommended by Anna Greenhous in Harpers

Sake is a product with its own pedigree and culture” – Tengu Sake mentioned in Anthony Rose’s article in the Independent where he describes tengusake.com as a “brilliantly lucid site”

Sake never fights with food” – Tengu Sake mentioned in BBC article, me talking about umami