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Tengu Breweries
  • Hayashi Honten

    Oldest brewery owned by a single family (1550). Produce sake all year round and release innovative and creative sake under the brand name Konishi.

  • Tatenokawa

    Ambitious brewery with 185 years of sake making history. Focused, driven and run by a young, enthusiastic team of determined sake pioneers. Focus is on quality.

  • Tatenokawa

    Established in 1615, Kimura hold by the same principals they always have: traditional artisan methods, the purest mountain waters and the finest premium rice.

  • Hayashi Honten

    A young and innovative brewery, specialising in interesting and distinct sake.

  • Michisakari

    A 250 year-old brewery that, for the past 50 years, has focused on producing the finest dry sake in Japan.

  • Tsuji Honten

    Brother-sister team of President and Master Brewer (toji) continue their family's legacy. They are pioneers in the use of omachi rice and the ancient bodaimoto brewing technique and produce rich, rustic sake.

  • Yamatogawa Shuzo

    A multi award-winning, 200-year-old brewery steeped in history and tradition. Makes superb, deep-flavoured sake from their own, organically farmed rice.