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A selection showcasing the defining characteristics of each brewery

Our Brewery Sake Selection brings you one sake from each of our eight breweries. Each sake has been chosen to best highlight and the respective brewery’s unique style; this way you’ll really get a feel for the brewery you like. This is a great way to try and variety of sakes of different styles and then hone your preferences from there.

Each case contains:

  • Jidai – a funky Yamahai Junmai from Hayashi Honten. Think: caramel & cooked fruits crumble; rich flavour.
  • Rare Brew – a delicate and dry Junmai Daiginjo from Michsakari. Think: clear, dry, refreshing.
  • Rocky Mountain – a flavourful Junmai Bodaimoto from Tsuji Honten. Think: rustic, raw and earthy.
  • Gentle Breeze – a wonderful Junmai Ginjo from Kimura Shuzo. Think: delicious, fresh, fruity & light.
  • Silent Forest – a rich Junmai Ginjo from Yamatogawa Shuzo. Think: apple tart flavours.
  • Konishi Silver – a light a delicate Ginjo from Konishi Shuzo. Think: light, delicate, refreshing with lower alcohol.
  • Tatenokawa 50 “Stream” – a impressive and elegant Junmai Daiginjo from Tatenokawa. Think: fruity, expressive & crisp.
  • Noguchi Junmai 2021 Vintage – a matured unpasteurised sake from a legend in the sake world. Think: Juicy fruit with velvety texture.