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Premium Craft WA Gin

WA Gin

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Premium WA Gin – Profile

Wa Gin’s base spirit is shochu distilled from Japanese sake and then aged for 10 years. Seven botanicals are used including juniper, orange peel, lemon peel and cinnamon.

Strongly citrus driven with an unbelievably smooth texture (from the sake base). On first impression WA Gin reminds of creamy, chocolatey orange. The profile is tight, exotic with a velvety smooth finish.

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Premium WA Gin – Cocktails

We worked with David Wriggley, formerly of Tokotsu Ramen fame, to come up with some excellent cocktails that bring out the best in this fabulous gin. It’s a true martini gin. We also found that additional citrus was always a winner; although, a lot of time it was unnecessary. Try making a negroni or a martini without the twist…


Premium WA Gin – Videos

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