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Kick back and relax with these smooth-drinking sake

Each of the sakes in our Easy Drinking Sake Selection has been specifically chosen for its easy-drinking and smooth-sipping qualities. We’re talking deliciously creamy rice flavours that go well with full-flavoured foods or are perfect just sipping on their own. Most of these sake work best at room temperature or above.

Each case contains:

  • Evening Sky – a dry and crisp sake from Kimura Shuzo. Think: Mineral, crisp, dry, well-structured.
  • Konishi Silver – A easy drinking Ginjo from Konishi Shuzo. Think: Light, delicate, refreshing; lower alcohol
  • Signature Brew – a dry Futsushu from Michisakari. Think: rice pudding sprinkled with brown sugar. Superb heated.
  • Autumn Leaves – a full Honjozo from Yamatogawa Shuzo. Think: warming; caramel and creamed rice flavours. Also superb heated.
  • Ancient Mountain – a deep-flavoured Futsushu from Tsuji Honten. Think: warming, rich & creamy. Fantastic over a wide range of temperatures.

The Easy Drinking Sake Selection offers a range of eminently quaffable sake that are best enjoyed with friends or loved ones, and pair fantastically with food.

Allegens: Konishi Silver, Signature Brew, Autumn Leaves and Ancient Mountain may all contain gluten