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Some of the most exciting and unique sake from our line up

Wow, there are some interesting sake here! We have the driest one, the funkiest one, the cloudy one, the ancient one and the aged one all in one selection! If you want to discover how diverse sake can be, look no further than here; this selection is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Each case contains:

  • Heavenly Brew – a super dry Honjozo Genshu from Michsakari. Think: smooth, delicious, light and bone dry.
  • Rocky Mountain – a flavourful Junmai Bodaimoto from Tsuji Honten. Think: rustic, raw and earthy.
  • JIDAI – a funky Junmai Gingo Yamahai from Hayashi Honten. Think: caramel & cooked fruits, crumble; rich flavour.
  • Misty Mountain – a crazy fun, semi-cloudy Junmai Usu-nigorizake from Tsuji Honten. Think: sweet & sour with zesty & peppery flavour aftertaste.
  • Genroku Redux – an amazing sake faithfully recreated from a early 18th century recipe. Think: Sweet, devilishly delicious & with buckets of umami.
  • Sankou RAW – a party in a can! This sake is a force of nature. Think: Bold & exciting!

Each one of these sake will delight and surprise your taste buds! Go on a voyage of discovery with the Full and Funky Sake Selection.