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Number 1 - the best of the best

The Ichiban (meaning number one in Japanese) Sake Selection brings all of our top quality sake into one case. This selection represents the pinnacle of the brewers’ craft: complex and layered Daiginjos and a delicately aged Koshu.

Each case contains:

  • Snowy Peak – A limited edition, limited run Junmai Daiginjo from Kimura Shuzo. Think: luscious with great balance between flavour & aroma.
  • Rare Brew – a delicate and dry Junmai Daiginjo from Michisakari. Think: clear, dry, refreshing.
  • Black Face – a dry and very drinkable Junami Daiginjo from Hayashi Honten. Think: light, refreshing & clean-tasting.
  • Hidden Glade – A Trophy winning Daiginjo from Kimura Shuzo. Think: Bright, aromatic & expressive.
  • Tatenokawa 18 “EIGHTEEN” – ultra premium Junmai Daiginjo from Tatenokawa. Think: Ultra premium. Superbly balanced tropical fruits.
  • Golden Amber – a rich, 12-year aged Junmai Koshu from Hayashi Honten. Think: deep, rich, layered, mature, complex.

The Ichiban Sake Selection is one to wow your friends or simply to explore the upper echelons of sake making. It also makes a wonderful and generous gift.

Allergens: Hidden Glade and Golden Amber may contain gluten.