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Fresh, zesty and fruity sake

Namazake is unpasteurised sake. Fresh, ripe, fruity, zesty and refreshing are the watchwords here. Unbelievably zingy, these sake are best drunk fresh and are wonderful on a hot summer’s day (or after a hard day’s work!)

Each case contains:

  • One bottle of Snow Blossom – from Yamatogawa Shuzo, makers of Yauemon. Think: fresh & zesty; fruit salad flavours.
  • One bottle of Mountain Stream – from Tsuji Honten, makers of Gozenshu. Think: layered, complex, fresh & young.
  • One bottle of Evolution – from Tsuji Honten, makers of Gozenshu. Think: dramatic, juicy and modern style.
  • One bottle of Noguchi Junmai 2021 Vintage – from the Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute. Think: juicy fruit with velvety texture.

Due to their unpasteurised nature these sake must be kept refrigerated. This gives you an idea on how the sakes in our Nama Sake Selection should be enjoyed: crisp and cold.