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Add Sake to Taste Campaign 2022

February 14, 2022

Add Sake to Taste
from 14th February to 18th March 2022

JFOODO (Japanese Gov sake promotion peeps) have partnered with around 20 restaurants – Japanese and non-Japanese alike – and five of the UK’s top sake importers (yours truly being one of them).  Together we’ve developed out-of-this-world sake pairings with some wonderful dishes.

To whet your appetite, allow me to tell you about some of the pairings & restaurants I’ve been involved with:

Sachi at Pantechnicon

Madai Kasuzuke Grilled red bream, sake lees, fermented bergamot and chilli x  Gozenshu “Rocky Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto
Masu Tataki – Seared steelhead trout, sumiso, pickled shimeji, buckwheat x Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori

Ikoyi London

Ikejime trout, octopus and malt chaux x Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori
Plantain, smoked kelp & blackberry x Yauemon “Silent Forest” Junmai Ginjo


Ikejime pollock and pomelo salad paired with Hyakujuro “Jidai” Junmai Ginjo Yamahai

Oystermen Seafood Bar & Restaurant

Half a Dozen Fresh Oysters Mignonette x Shirayuki “Clear Sky” Itami Morohaku Honjozo
Half a Dozen Dressed Oysters:
2x Pickled Cucumber, Green Apple
2x Champonzu, Wasabi, Shiso
2x Calamansi, Jalapeño, Dill”
x Fukukomachi “Gentle Breeze” Junmai Ginjo
Pan-fried Scottish Cod, Tahini Baba Ghanoush, Roasted Tomato Sauce, Crispy Basil x Shirayuki Silver Honjozo Nama-Choz

The Smoking Goat

Slow grilled pollock with peanut relish x Gozenshu 1859 “New Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto

Curated sake events, on this scale, happen very infrequently so I highly recommend you get involved whilst you can! Please note many of these exclusive restaurants will require booking.

Finally, a big thank you to all involved (JFOODO especially) in this initiative, it really does go a long way to spreading the sake word!

Ikejime pollock and pomelo salad paired with Hyakujuro “Jidai” Junmai Ginjō Yamahai. Available at KILN Soho

Photography Credits: Stuart Price (@stuartprice on Insta, website)