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Mulled sake recipe

December 14, 2015

Kurobuta Christingle Cocktail

So, last week I made some mulled sake for a Christmas drinks party. I have to confess to being a little dubious about the whole idea but, actually, it worked really well and was heartily guzzled by my guests. Credit for the recipe must go to Ali over at Kurobuta Marble Arch; he is, of course, using Tengu Sake in the recipe!

Mulled Sake Recipe

Toast all the spices first, then add to tea, peels & sake. Leave the brew over a low heat for 1.5 hours (ish). Leave to cool, then strain (straining is important otherwise the brew gets too spicy)

The photo above is actually for Ali’s Christingle Cocktail, which uses the above mulled sake recipe as the base but adds some embellishes. It is available NOW at Kurobuta Marble Arch

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