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New Kids On The Block Hyakujyuro

September 27, 2017

Hayashi Honten Hyakujyuro

Hayashi Honten have been expanding their Hyakujyuro range of sake, all instantly recognisable by their fantastic kabuki mask label design.

Their Junmai Daiginjo (Black Face) and Yamahai Junmai (Purple Warrior) from part of our core portfolio. The brewery have, however, a bunch of other sake in the lineup, mostly Junmai Ginjo, and we’ve brought a few to the UK for you to enjoy, each at £22:


60% polished Junmai Ginjo

Restrained, focused & neat.
Subtle aromas of barley, spice, butter, toast, hazelnuts & dried mango. This sake is pretty dry and light-bodied with a smooth and slightly oily texture.

Serve chilled with simple cooked meats & citrus sauces

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Tengu Sake Hyakujyuro Blue Wave


60% polished Junmai Ginjo

Short, crisp & summery.
Light fudge, fig, apricot and gooseberry aromas. Delicate texture and impact supported by crisp (almost wine-like) acidity. A light-bodied sake with gooseberry, cucumber and apricot notes.

Serve chilled, enjoy by itself or with simply prepared fish or rare steak.

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Tengu Sake Hyakujyuro Red Moon


60% polished Junmai Ginjo

Delicate, light-bodied & dry.
Faint aromas of bread, nuts, butter and white pepper lead. Light-bodied, dry with watermelon, nuts and butter flavours Red Moon is an easy-drinking, crisp and direct sake with medium acidity and a short finish.

Serve chilled with buttery or creamy dishes.

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Tengu Sake Hyakujyuro Scorching Flames

Scorching Flames

60% polished Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu Jikagumi

Crisp & dry butterscotch.
The three uns! Un-filtered, un-pasteurised and un-diluted! Not as boisterous as you might expect, Scorching Flames has an expressive butterscotch, toffee apples, apricot and yogurt nose but a impact with slight effervescence, light-bodied, off-dry and a short, direct finish.

Serve chilled or warmed(!)

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