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New sake line up event at Salmontini

March 15, 2016

New Tengu Sake range 2016

New sake indeed!

On 9th March our Director, in association with the British Sake Association, presented the new line up of sakes from Tengu Sake at Salmontini Le Resto in London’s Belgravia.

Salmontini Le Resto


Sake List Salmontini event 09.03.16In total seven news sakes were presented along with a long-standing favourite – Waning Moon – as the welcome drink.

Two of the breweries we have been bringing into the UK for a little under a year now so they are not exactly ‘brand new’ but we wanted to show them off anyway! They are:

The brand new brewery (which has yet to arrive in the UK, scheduled for May 2016!) is Kimura. Kimura are a multi-award winning brewery from Akita prefecture. Their Fukukomachi Daiginjo (we’re calling it ‘Hidden Glade’) won the Grand Trophy at 2012’s International Wine Challenge. We got to try it on the night – what a treat!

Each sake was paired with some of Salmontini’s delicious canapés. You can see the full menu by downloading the menu above.

Great to see everyone that came! See you at the next event!

Photo credits: (1) Marie Cheong Thong (2-6) Mika Muurinen – many thanks!