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Online tutored Sake Tastings Round 4

November 11, 2020
Online tutored tasting

A new lockdown brings a new slew of online tutored tastings!

We’ve got three brand new sessions to take us up until the end of the lockdown on 2nd December (let’s see how that statement dates).

Take advantage of our 15% sale and order your sakes now. If you want to join any of the below tastings just ping me an email at contact@tengusake.com, each tasting lasts about an hour and is at 7pm.

Wednesday 18th November – Sake Basics

It’s been a while since I did an absolute basics for sake so, if you’re new to sake and just want to find out more then this is the session for you! You don’t even need to order any sake for this one, just tune in and find out about sake. Of course, if you’d like to then a glass or two of sake would be most welcome. To join in just click on the link below on 18th at 7pm!

Zoom Meeting Details

Meeting ID: 833 9745 7797
Passcode: 395819

Wednesday 25th November – Heating sake

I’ve done a couple of tutorials on warm sake recently but, for this one, I’d really like to focus on the mechanics: how to warm sake up and what vessels to choose. Microwave vs saucepan, wine glass vs sake cup…

…what will be the winner? For this tutorial we will be tasting Kimura Shuzo’s Fukukomachi “Gentle Breeze” Junmai Ginjo. Send me an email to get the Zoom link.

Wednesday 2nd December – Koshu

“Sake doesn’t have any vintage!” is something we get told a lot but did you know that’s not always true?

Aged sake, what’s it all about? Grab a bottle of Michisakari’s Aperitif, join me and find out! Send me an email to get the Zoom link.

How to join in

The link for the first tutorial (sake basics) is above. For the following two, order your sake and then simply email contact@tengusake.com letting me know which session(s) you’re interested in.

As always, you can join any tutorial without purchasing the sake, there is no obligation to buy. All tutorials are free.