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Special Tengu Sake menu at Tonkotsu Ramen

August 20, 2013

Special sake menu from Thursday 22nd August

Tengu Sake has teamed up with Tonkotsu Ramen on Dean Street, Soho, London to bring you an exclusive sake specials menu. The menu runs from 22nd but I’ll be at Tonkotsu on the day so pop on in and say hi!

Following the run-away success of their special Japanese craft beer menu, starting this Thursday, 22nd August, there will be a selection of four different sake from Tengu Sake for you to chose from. Each sake has been carefully chosen to pair spectacularly with each menu item, bringing out the best in both the sake and the food. There will also be a ‘sake flight’ where you can have a smaller serving of the sake to discover which one you like best!

On offer will be:


Black Face
Junmai Daiginjo

A deliciously smooth, structured and fruity sake with hints of banana and fruity apple. Made using water from the famous Nagara River (home of the Imperial Cormorant fishermen) this sake is best served cold.

Food pairings – Soho Ramen and all vegetarian options


Black Samurai
Yamahai Junmai

The yamahai brewing method results in deep, funky flavours; this superb sake has a lively, full nose of cooked apples, caramel and marrow. Full-bodied with caramelised banana, apple and bitter chocolate flavours.  Served at room temperature.

Food pairings – Pork Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, King Prawn Katsu


Morning Dew

An exceedingly dry sake that gives a medium-bodied, clear flavour with notes of red berries and honey with and a delightfully peppery finish that tingles on the tongue. Served at room temperature.

Food pairings – Tokyo Ramen, Soho Ramen, Prawn Gyoza

ancient-mountain-720mlAncient Mountain


This smooth-drinking, medium-bodied sake has rich, creamy and sweet rice flavours. Delicious drunk at room temperature or warmed, mellowing the flavours and enhancing the sweetness.

Food pairings – Tonkotsu Ramen, Pork Gyoza

Come and join us for some of the best sake and food pairings in town!