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The History of Sake with 67 Pall Mall

September 16, 2021
Barry McCaughley & Oliver Hilton-Johnson talk about the history of sake
Barry McCaughley & Oliver Hilton-Johnson talk sake history

In this hour-long feature for 67 Pall Mall TV our Director, Oliver Hilton-Johnson, talks with industry professional Barry McCaughley about sake’s long and varied history including: early rice cultivation, introduction of Koji, evolution in techniques via the monks & temples, commercialisation, prohibition, Edo Period stability and, finally modern day trends!

A lot is covered, providing an engaging and comprehensive look at sake’s past and present.

Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori
Shirayuki “Genroku Redux” Junmai
– Gozenshu “Mountain Castle” Junmai Bodaimoto Nama Kijoshu (now discontinued and replaced with a pasteurised version).

Watch the full episode over on 67 Pall Mall TV