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An Introduction to Sake with 67 Pall Mall

June 1, 2021
Oliver Hilton-Johnson & Barry McCaughley discussing an Introduction to Sake at 67 Pall Mall
Oliver & Barry discussing sake at 67 Pall Mall

During the COVID lockdown our Director, Oliver, was invited along to the studios in the famous wine establishment of 67 Pall Mall give an Introduction to Sake. Here he talks to industry professional Barry McCaughley.

Yauemon “Autumn Leaves” Honjozo
Yauemon “Waning Moon” Junmai
Konishi Silver Ginjo
Fukukomachi “Gentle Breeze” Junmai Ginjo
Fukukomachi “Silent Blossom” Junmai Daiginjo
Fukukomachi “Hidden Glade” Daiginjo

You can watch this episode for free over on 67 Pall Mall TV and, buy purchasing the sakes, you can taste along too!