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Online tutored Sake Tastings Round 3

September 7, 2020
Online tutored tasting

Now we’re fully restocked (phew! Sorry about that folks) it’s time we got our online sake tastings programme going again.

We’ve got four fantastic new sessions scheduled on Wednesdays at 7pm – 8pm through September and October. Order your sake while and sale is on and join in!

Wednesday 16th September – Warm Sake

“What temperature do you drink sake?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. For this tasting we’ll be looking at two quite different sakes – Silent Forest and Evening Sky – allowing us to understand what affect temperature has on the different aspects of each sake. How does it alter the sake’ profile? How it affects perceptions of dryness, acidity, umami, etc. and what food do these sakes pair with at the different temperatures?

Wednesday 30th September – investigating nigorizake (cloudy sake)

Nigorizake is a style of sake that has some fermented rice left over in the sake as not all of it has been filtered out. Some nigorizakes can be thick and rich, some light and delicate. Here we’ll be trying two contrasting sakes – Moonlight and Misty Mountain – and talking about what makes them different.

Wednesday 14th October – pairing sake with food (vol 1)

Pairing sake with food is a huge topic which we can only hope to scratch the surface of with an hour’s tasting. We will be focusing on examples of a dry sake and a fruity sake and how to match foods with both. The sakes we’ll be trying are Stream and Heavenly Brew. We will also suggest foods to pair.

Wednesday 28th October – pairing sake with food (vol 2)

In our second sake pairing tasting, we’ll be looking at umami and how that plays a role when it comes to matching with food. The sakes we’ll be trying are Tatenokawa Phoenix and Genroku Redux. We will also suggest foods to pair.

How to join in

Order your sake and then simply email contact@tengusake.com letting me know which session(s) you’re interested in.