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Tengu Sake Christmas Sale 2021

December 3, 2021

It’s that time of year again and we all love a good Christmas sale!

Whether it’s stocking fillers or something more serious, we’ve got you covered for excellent sake and spirits in our Christmas 2021 sale. Here’s a summary of what we have on offer, all 15% off:


Stocking fillers

Most of our small format sakes are on offer this Christmas so you’re spoilt for choice! We’ve got fresh and zesty sake like Red Fuji or Sankou RAW, easy drinking sake like Shirayuki Silver, Konishi Silver and Konishi Gold or more rich and matured styles like Shirayuki Classic and Aperitif.

Sale items from Hayashi Honten, Gifu

Two fantastic, very different sakes:

Sale items from Kimura Shuzo, Akita

A couple of very elegant and expertly crafted sakes from this northern brewery:

Sale items from Konishi Shuzo, Hyogo

Lots of lovely small formats (as listed above), see all the sale items here

Sale items from Michisakari, Gifu

Crisp, dry & elegant are the watchwords of Michisakari, here we have two lovely sakes:

Sale items from Tsuji Honten, Okayama

From the masters of Omachi rice and medieval brewing technique, Bodaimoto we present:

Sale items from Tatenokawa, Yamagata

Specialising in Junmai Daiginjo, and delicious liqueurs, this brewery has a loyal and cult following in Japan:

Sale items from Yamatogawa Shuzo, Fukushima

Our sparkling sake, Pearl, remains ever popular and a real treat on Christmas day!


Don’t forget our AMAZING selection of premium Japanese spirits! From superb gins, through fiery Wasabi Vodka (perfect for those Boxing Day hangovers!) to Okinawan Awamori and elegant shochu we’ve got it all!