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New sakes available from March 2020

March 31, 2020

Some good news! We’ve added nine new sakes to tengusake.com. Here’s a summary of the new additions:

Kodaka Fruit Liqueurs

Tatenokawa, producers of some fabulous, top-end Junmai Daiginjo also produce a whole array of fruit liqueurs too, under their KODAKARA brand. We’ve always stocked their umeshu but we’ve added five liqueurs to the list:

If you’d like to see all our fruit liqueurs in one place (we currently have seven) just go to our shop page and use the ‘filter by’ function and select “liqueurs”. Or click here to jump straight there.

How to enjoy fruit liqueurs


Just in case you’re unsure what “Nihonshu” means, it’s the Japanese word for what we, in the West, call “sake” (as opposed to the above liqueurs).

Four new sakes have been added to our line up:

I hope you enjoy our new additions! Kanpai!

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