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On this page, our sake shop, you find a full list of all the premium quality Japanese sake we list at Tengu Sake.  You can buys Japanese sake from this sake shop and have in delivered anywhere in the UK.  Get sake delivered in the UK.

Our online sake shop UK is right here.

We are the Uk’s leading online sake shop. We import sake straight from suppliers in Japan and deliver them directly to you! We don’t use any middle men, it goes brewery, us, you! Order from our us and you will be receiving sake, straight to your door, exactly as it would be as if you were in Japan itself. We pride ourselves on excellence and professionalism.  We have hand picked these premium Japanese sakes just for you.

Our breweries include Yamatogawa Shuzo from Fukushima Prefecture, Tatenokawa from Yamagata Prefecture, Konishi Shuzo from Hyogo Prefecture, Hayashi Honten and Michisakari from Gifu Prefecture, Yoshida from Fukui Prefecture and Tsuji Honten from Okayama Prefecture. Our brands are: Yauemon, Tatenokawa, Konishi, Eiichi, Hyakujuro, Michisakari, Hakuryu and Gozenshu.

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